Besides being global ambassadors for the brand, our athletes play a vital role at Cabianca Surfboards. It is their constant feedback from the water that allows us to continue to improve and innovate in the shaping room.


Gabriel Medina


Coming from the same surf-rich town of Maresias, Johnny and Gabriel started working together in 2009… and they’ve been making surfboards (and surfing history) together ever since. As Gabriel evolved into the two times world champion he is today, Johnny Cabianca is proud to have played a part in that evolution.

Nicolas Paulet


The Froth Factor is high on this one: Nico is a friendly French kid who has developed crazy technique for one so young, and he rarely misses a podium at the many comps he enters around Europe.

Keoni Lasa


Don’t be fooled by the shy, gentle smile: behind it lies the mental toughness of a true competitor. Whether he’s surfing the cold water of his home breaks in Northern Spain, or the perfect freshwater walls of his secret Basque training facility The Wavegarden… this kid is dangerous.

Janire González -Etxebarri

2005, ZUMAIA

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Rodrigo Saldanha


Like many kids, Rodrigo dreams of becoming a pro surfer. Unlike many of them, he’s truly obsessed with waves. Always the first in and the last out of the water. Maybe it’s because he lives in Sao Paulo, 2,5 hours away from his favorite break, Maresias. To compensate, he’s already traveled the globe to surf many of the world class waves. He has got the talent and the boards… the rest is up to Rodrigo!

Marlon Lamaison

2005, CADIZ

Marlon is a kid who’s living the dream of every grom surfer – his mom’s a flight attendant, and his dad owns a surf shop. Free flights and surfboards… does it get any better? Surfing since the age of two, this talented teen from Andalucia is already a veteran of surf trips to every corner of the world. Nowadays Marlon is based in the Basque Country, and as he’s spending 5 days a week ripping up the quality spots, we’re stoked to be providing the boards that can keep up with his fast progression.

Murillo Coura


A rookie Brazilian talent who’s now taking his surfing to the next level at the “Instituto Medina” in Maresias. With the support and training to match the talent, we’re expecting great things from Murillo.

Lens Arancibia


Lens is one of the hottest French surfers with great style and technique. He´s been putting in solid performances on the WQS recently and we´re stoked to play our part in building on this success.

Bitor Garitaonandia

200x, DEBA

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Tiago Carrique


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Neis Lartigue


“Believe in yourself” is the motto of this charming young lady from Biarritz, and we’re believing in her too. Néis just scored her first victory at a Pro Junior event (Sopela) and she’s also ripping pretty hard on her longboard and skateboard – it’s all about the all-rounders!