Some people worry that a ‘high performance’ shortboard is not for them. After all, 99% of us will never surf close to the level of today’s top pros, so why would we try to use their equipment? Well, that may be true of the nervous, anorexic pro boards of the past. But not today. Regardless of if you’re investing in your first shortboard or semi-pro, in the same way that these boards helped Gabriel win WCT events in waves from classic Teahupoo to shoulder high Snapper, they will help you surf at the absolute peak of your potential.



Cabianca Surfboard Bandida

The Medina


Summer Toys

A good summer toy is a board that thrives in average-to-small conditions, catches tons of waves, yet still rips when the surf gets good. Anyone can make a cool looking summer board, but to have it still perform when the waves turn on? That’s the challenge..!

Honey Bee


Go-To Guy


summertoy surfboard candy cabianca

Retro Twin

Cabianca Surfboard Retro Twin

Misc. Surf Craft

This category is called ‘miscellaneous wave craft’ – tried and tested designs that cover just about every kind of wave and every kind of surfer.


The Whip