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Let’s face it: The Endless Summer in Europe would be a bummer.. Spring and Fall are the best seasons for waves, and summer generally sucks. Not that we’re complaining: summer is amazing and sniffing out fun little knee high peaks along our beautiful coastline is never not a good idea. Especially when you’re riding one of our summer toys – I have designed 3 boards that cover every summer condition, to early and late season quality to midsummer slop.

The Stinger

Invented by Hawaiian legendary surfer and shaper Ben Aipa, The Stinger is a beautiful 1970’s design that brought together a shorter wider front with a narrow, faster turning single fin tail. With my version of The Stinger I’ve brought the design and handling right up to date to create a surfboard that rips on small waves. And when we say it rips, we mean it goes absolutely nuts: this is Gabriel’s favourite freesurf board.



This, I guess, is a classic step down shortboard where I’ve taken the basic shape of The Medina and made it into a total wave catching machine – extra width, a fuller foil, flat rocker and plenty of foam under the chest. Then, I added triple wings to the tail to make sure it still turns on a dime. The result is a board that handles the widest variety of conditions.


Go-To Guy

This is the guy you’re going to find yourself surfing… a lot. Probably the most user-friendly and fun shortboard I make. I took a basic pill funboard shape and added some performance, adding a subtle rocker and single concave throughout. The result is a fun little board that loves the waves you hate, and having fun when you don’t expect to is probably the best kind of fun you can have.

The Sting - custom design
The Sting - custom design

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