If you’re a surfer you’ve never ordered a custom board before… trust me, you’re ready.

Many surfers spend their whole lives buying stock models, figuring they are either not good enough for a custom, or that they are too expensive, take too long etc. Well, just like getting a made-to-measure suit will always fit you better than an off-the-peg one, a proper custom board can noticeably improve your surfing.

Only difference being, the cost of a custom surfboard is identical to a stock model. By buying direct from the factory, you’re not only cutting out the middleman, you’re also getting expert advice and guidance from the shaper – what’s not to love about that?

So if you’re an expert surfer who knows exactly what they need from their custom shortboard – head to our custom board builder section. And if you’re a beginner who wants to progress to intermediate as painlessly as possible… drop us an email via the surfboard enquiry button, and let’s get you set up!

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  1. Eddie Southward

    Im currently between medium and expert and want to get an exact dimension if you can like your Medinas prototypes of course prob not exact to what he gets from your point of you company secret wise? but would like something similar to his range being a bigger bloke than he at 85kilo myself what can you advise to go with at 6,2 or 6,3 and I want a round pin


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