“With a state-of-the-art factory to experiment with new shapes and technologies, and one of the world’s best surfers to test my creations, I’m happy to say that my current collection of boards is my best work yet… what more could any shaper ask for?”


– Johnny Cabianca

Johnny Cabianca knows surfboards. For the past 35 years, from São Paolo to Zarautz, Spain via Sunset Beach and Santa Cruz, he’s been mowing foam and studying the art. Encyclopaedic in his knowledge of the finer points of modern surfboard shaping and production, Johnny has worked with the best, and, as Matt Biolos puts it: “is as good as anyone, except nobody knew it.”

But people were going to know it. Johnny started shaping boards for a talented young kid from his home beach in Maresias, Brazil. It soon turned out that this kid was beyond talented; Gabriel Medina would become a world champion. The rest is history: a legend-making match that brings us to 2016, and the start of a new era with a brand-new shaping facility in the Basque Country.


The Basque Country Surf Company (BCSC) was founded in 2016 by shapers and old friends Johnny Cabianca and Mikel Agote. BCSC’s brand-new shaping facility and R&D centre in Zarautz produces surfboards for the global market. For his Brazilian customers, Johnny works with Pro-Ilha, Brazils leading surfboard factory. With several innovative new technologies and a showroom – so watch this space… or drop by to talk surfboards with Johnny personally.

A state-of-the-art
surfboard factory

Basque Country Surf Company Glassing Room Surfboards
Basque Country Surf Company Blue Room Shape Room Johnny Cabianca
Basque Country Surf Company Sanding Room Cabianca Surfboards
Basque Country Surf Company UV Box Light Box Resin Surfboards Johnny Cabianca


Basque Country Surf Company CNC machine AKU surfboards cutting design

The science of better surfboards

Here at BCSC we’re working in a brand new factory with the latest technology, including a state-of-the-art AKU shaping machine. It’s simple: more precise tools equal better quality in quantity, as nothing in the original design gets lost in translation. Having our own dedicated shaping machine also means we can guarantee fast and efficient delivery of your custom order.

We’re also investing heavily into developing new technologies, always with the aim of making our boards stronger, lighter, brighter and longer lasting. For the latest news on our growing range of tech, subscribe to our newsletter.

Currently, we offer the following:

Materials: PU-polyester (regular) or EPS / epoxy

Carbon patches: Standard carbon fibre tail patches are available: we are currently developing new carbon technologies – check back soon.

Glassing: Many different options – standard 4+4oz deck/4oz base.

Color: With our experienced in-house artist and glasser, every type of finish, color tint or custom design is possible – just let us know and we’ll make it happen.

Basque Country Surf Company cutting surfboard blanks
Basque Country Surf Company Computer controlling CNC machine
Basque Country Surf Company CNC Machine cutting surfboard blanks Johnny Cabianca